Which of the following Is True regarding a Buyer Representation Agreement

BROKERS must be honest and truthful in their real estate communications and convey a true and fair view in their advertising, marketing and other representations®. REAL ESTATE AGENTS® ensure that their status as real estate professionals is easily evident in their advertising, marketing and other representations and that the recipients of all real estate communications are or have been informed that these communications come from a real estate professional. (modified 1/08) [listen] For the protection of all parties, REALTORS ensures, to the extent possible, that all agreements® relating to real estate transactions, including but not limited to registration and representation contracts, purchase agreements and lease agreements, are concluded in writing in clear and understandable language, expressing the specific conditions, obligations and obligations of the parties. A copy of each agreement shall be made available to each party to such agreements at the time of their signature or initialling. (Modified 1/04) [listen] Real estate® agents may not use information obtained from listing brokers through offers of cooperation made through multiple registration services or other offers of cooperation to refer clients of listing brokers to other brokers or to establish buyer-tenant relationships with clients of listing brokers, unless such use is approved by listing brokers. (modified 1/02) When they electronically assist or empower a customer or customer to establish a contractual relationship (for example. B registration and representation contracts, purchase agreements, rental agreements, etc.), real estate agents will make reasonable efforts to explain and disclose the nature and specific terms of the contractual relationship® before it is agreed by a contracting party. (adopted on 1/07) Standard of Practice 3-2 does not preclude a registered dealer and a cooperating dealer from entering into an agreement to change the cooperative remuneration. (adopted on 1/94) Real estate® agents acting as agents or brokers of sellers/owners or as sub-agents of listing brokers will disclose this relationship to buyers/tenants as soon as possible and provide buyers/tenants with written confirmation of such disclosure no later than the conclusion of a purchase or lease agreement. (Modified 1/04) Real estate® agents will not apply for a listing that is currently listed exclusively with another broker. However, if, at the request of the REAL ESTATE AGENT, the listing broker refuses® to disclose the expiry date and the nature of the registration; specifically. an exclusive right of sale, an exclusive agency, an open registration or any other form of contractual agreement between the listing broker and the client, the REAL ESTATE AGENT may contact the owner to obtain this information and may discuss the conditions under which the REAL ESTATE®® AGENT could accept a future registration or take a registration that becomes effective after the expiration of an existing exclusive registration. (Amended 1/94) If REAL ESTATE AGENTS are involved in the sale or rental of a residence, they will not provide voluntary® information about the racial, religious or ethnic composition of a neighborhood or engage in activities that may lead to panic sales, however, real estate agents may provide other demographic® information.

(adopted on 1/94, amended on 1/06) Real estate agents may only represent the seller/landlord and the buyer/tenant in the same transaction after full disclosure and with the informed® consent of both parties. (adopted on 1/93) The obligation to present a true image in advertising, marketing and representations allows REAL ESTATE AGENTS to use and display only the job titles, certifications® and other testimonials to which they are entitled. (adopted on 1/08) REALTORS® is free to establish contractual relationships or negotiate with sellers/owners, buyers/tenants or other persons who are not subject to an exclusive agreement but do not knowingly oblige them to pay more than one commission, except with their informed consent. (Amended 1/98) Article 16 does not prevent REAL ESTATE AGENTS from making general announcements to interested parties describing their services and the conditions of their availability, although some recipients may have concluded agency contracts® or other exclusive relationships with another REAL ESTATE AGENT. ® A general telephone announcement, general mailing or transfer to all potential customers in a certain geographic area or in a particular geographic area The profession, business, association or organization or any other classification or group is considered “general” for the purposes of this standard. (Modified 1/04) The services that REALTORS offers to its clients and clients must comply with the standards of practice and competence reasonably® expected in the specific real estate disciplines in which they operate; In particular, residential real estate brokerage, property management, commercial and industrial real estate brokerage, real estate brokerage, real estate valuation, real estate consulting, real estate syndication, real estate auction and international real estate. If real estate agents provide consulting services to clients that include advice or advice for a fee® (not commissions), that advice should be provided objectively and the fees should not depend on the content of the advice or advice provided. .

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