I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word…
that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that You sent me… 
John 17:20,23

This six-week, forty-day study will lead your entire church
– from preschool to adults –
to focus on unity within the Body of Christ.

Week 1

God’s Desire
God wants His Church to be one.

Week 2

Putting others before ourselves.

Week 3

How to make right what’s wrong.

Week 4

Forgiving those who hurt us. 

Week 5

Unity in essentials, diversity in the rest.

Week 6

Trusting the Holy Spirit’s work in us.

God’s desire is that all of His followers would be one. Perfectly one. He wants our love and unity to shine so brightly in this fallen world that others will come to know Him and follow Him too.

Unfortunately, when the world looks at the church today, it usually doesn’t see love and unity. Even believers often see and experience more things that divide us than bring us together. 

It is our hope that through this Perfectly One study, believers will set aside nonessential things that divide us, as we strive to become the unified Body of Christ that Jesus prayed for us to be – in our local churches, in our communities, and throughout the world.

The complete six-week program includes:

Weekly Sermons

Teaching pastors will prepare and teach these sermons on their own, to go along with the six topics covered in the Perfectly One study guide. This will enable them to speak from their hearts directly to the topics in a way that will connect most appropriately with their local church.

Small Group Discussions

 These can happen in existing classes or home groups, and also in additional groups that are started specifically for this series for those who aren’t already in a class or small group. Each small group session includes a short video (available for free from this website) and discussion questions (included in the Perfectly One study guides).

Forty Days of Personal Devotions

Forty short devotions for individuals to do on their own, take participants deeper into the topic of each week. Day One begins on the day of the first sermon. These devotions are included in the Perfectly One study guides.

Six Weekly Family Devotions

A weekly Family Devotion has been prepared to help parents lead their children through the series. The curriculum includes teaching, activities, and discussion questions. This curriculum is included in the Perfectly One study guide.

Class Curriculum & Discussion Questions
for Preschool thru High School

Your Children’s and Youth Ministries can also study along with the rest of the church. A teachers’ curriculum, including reproducible handouts, is available in the Perfectly One Youth & Children’s Ministry Resources.

Available Resources

Perfectly One Study Guide includes:

Small group intro, video notes, and discussion questions
40-days of Personal Devotions
Six Weekly Family Devotions

Videos for Discussion Groups

Children’s Ministry Resources

PDF Downloads with Fillable Boxes

Perfectly One Messages

Images for Promotion

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